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1800 Macauley Ave.

We will be closing on this building in May.

The reasoning behind the desire and need to have more space and buy a new building is two-fold. The first most obvious need is the absorption of our case-management and family services, and the other is that chemical abortion in America is on the rise and becoming more readily available, even though it is currently illegal in WI.

We are improving our medical services and our new space will include a private medical entrance along with a lab, and a more confidential and professional setting to meet with those clients. Another exciting part of this new building is the option to add group classes to our list of services, like labor and delivery, finance, nutrition, mom groups, etc. Our longer term hope and goal is to build onto this new building to expand our client services, which could include a living room style meeting space, more storage, laundry, and a potential play space. We are so excited to have you be a part of this endeavor.

Upcoming Needs

April and May 2024


May 2024

Painting and Construction

May 2024

Moving to Macauley

2024 - 2025

Adding On

We will be packing our building in order to move.

NEEDS: People to pack and organize.

Before we move, there are some updates that will need to be made. Flooring in a couple rooms to be put in and a few interior construction projects. We would like to put some fresh paint inside.

NEED: Painters and people who can do construction projects.

NEEDS: People to help us move from Main Street to Macauley. We will need trailers and strong people.

Our long term goal is to build onto the new building. Our expanded space will allow us to serve more clients with a more professional and modern space.

NEEDS: Donors to make our vision a reality.

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